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Policy & Procedure Audit

We can assist with making sure your policies and procedures are acceptable, clear, efficient, and compliant with local, state and federal law. From a compliance perspective, regular reviews and updating of your Employee Policy Manual/Employee Handbook is essential.

Learning & Development

Currently, we offer both on-site and video training. Some of our specialized training options include: Performance Management, Harassment, Leadership and Diversity & Inclusion.

Benefits Review & Recommendations 

We can evaluate your current benefit plans and offer advice on potentially more cost-effective, market competitive benefit strategy programs.

HR Set-Up

We can help with setting up the essentials of getting your new company up and running by recruiting employees, customizing policies and procedures, researching and shopping payroll and benefit providers.

Performance Management

By bringing all aspects of performance management together - goals, development and reward systems, we can help create a new process or advance an existing one to better define expectations in objective and measurable terms.

Talent Acquisition

We can build a talent strategy to entice the right candidates to ensure the success of your business. This will be accomplished through improved social media strategies, a review of employment branding and appropriately controlled talent sourcing.

Hands-on and Step-by-Step Experience

We provide thorough detail and recommendations of each task and requested services.

Special Projects

We also provide services for unique, one-off projects not included in the listing above. Tell us what you need and we can assist!


What Does Your Business Need?

Empowering business and the people who drive it.

New ideas. Better HR. Shaping the future together. 

Clapping Audience


Far South Community Development Corp.

“Akire HR Consulting is a great consulting firm that is willing to go above and beyond. Far South Community Development Corp. highly recommend working with Erika! She has provided prompt, professional, and great service to our team which has resulted in us using her expertise in other areas. Her insight and forward thinking has quickly identified problems in the company and provided quality recommendations to improve in many areas. Akire HR Consulting has been able to help our organization with a wide range of issues including a thorough HR Audit, on-boarding, and general consultation. Erika has been an excellent business partner during this entire experience and is great at making sure you spend your time and money on the right issues.”

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