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Erika Foster, MBA

Erika Foster, MBA, is a seasoned Human Resource professional with extensive executive and senior management experience. With over 10 years in the HR field, Erika has developed a wide range of skills and expertise in various areas of corporate HR programs. Her areas of focus include onboarding, compensation, payroll, benefits, training, compliance audits, and performance management.

Erika's approach to HR is grounded in innovation and data-driven strategies that help businesses advance and succeed. She is committed to providing top-quality customer care and building strong interpersonal relationships with clients. Erika's diverse industry experience has equipped her with proven strengths in leadership, HR team management, and organizational planning and development.

Erika earned her Bachelor's degree in Human Resources from Eastern Illinois University and her Master's degree (MBA) in Business Management from Saint Xavier University. Her academic background, combined with her extensive professional experience, makes her a valuable partner for businesses seeking to optimize their HR strategies and achieve their goals.


Founder, CEO

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